Course Syllabus

Supplemental Readings

Note:  Assignments should be emailed to Tony Bergstrom (abergst2) by midnight before the day listed in the syllabus. They should be in html or pdf format.

All homeworks may be accessed at: http://social.cs.uiuc.edu/class/cs465/assignments


Week 1 W   August 27

Introduction [pdf]
Course Requirements.  Books.  Projects.

Read the Donald Norman book, The Design of Everyday Things for Wednesdays class
Complete Homework 1 - Take 10 pictures around the Siebel
     Center that are not designed for intuitive use
     Submit these photographs with caption (pdf or html) to


  F   August 29 What is HCI.  History of HCI [pdf]
Origins of HCI
More Project Discussion


Week 2 W September 3

Principles of Design, Reaction Time and Motor Skills [pdf]
Task Centered User Interface Design

Go over Homework 1

Read Chapters 0, 1, 2, and 3  in TCUID
Homework 2


Homework 1 Due

  F   September 5

Perception and Cognition [pdf]
Group project discussions
Read Chapters 1-4 in ID
Note: Project proposals due Monday September 8

Week 3 W  September 10

Color for Graphic Design, Information Visualization [pdf] Secial Color pdf: [pdf]
Read Chapters 5,6 in ID

Homework 2 Due


  F   September 12

Augmented and Physical Interfaces  [pdf]

Homework 3



Week 4 W September 17 Wall Interfaces (cont), Mobile Interfaces [pdf]

Read : Prototyping for Tiny Fingers by Marc Rettig

Homework 3 Due

Please have Chapters 5 and 6 read by  now!

  F   September 19 Affective Interfaces, User and Task Analysis, Contextual Inquiry [pdf]

Read: Ch.8 of ID
Homework 4

Proposal Rewrites Due

Week 5 W  September 24 Heuristic Evaluation, Cognitive Walkthrough [pdf]

Read: Chapters 4,5, and 6 in TCUID
Read: Ch. 9 of packet # 3
Read Ch. 10 and 13 of ID
Read: Ch. 14 of ID

Homework 4 Due

  F   September 26

Low-fidelity Prototyping,  In-class work [pdf]
Homework 2 returned 

Read: Chapters 8 in ID

Week 6 W
October 1
GOMs and Action Analysis, In-class work [pdf]

Heuristic, Cognitive Walkthrough evaluations due

  F   October 3

User Interface Tools,  Windows and Events, UI Controls and Layout [pdf]
Go over Homework 3


Scenario and low-fidelity prototype of project due



Week 7 W  October 8

Midterm Review
Go over Homework 4


  F   October 10


Week 8 W October 15 In-Class work

Comments on proposals.

Read Chapter 7 and 8 ID

  F   October 17 Conducting Interviews, Writing Surveys [pdf]
Look over chapters 4 and 5 from TCUID again.
Read Chapter 11 and 12 from ID

Homework 5 

Week 9 W  October 22 Designing for Collaboration, Communication [pdf]

Read Chapters 5 ,6 (again) and 15 in ID

  F   October 24 Focus of attention, Multimodal Interfaces, Handheld Devices
Homework 5 due

Week 10 W October 29

Present interactive project implementations

First interactive project implementation due
  F   October 31

Continue Project Presentations, In-class work

Week 11 W  November 5

The Face in the Interface, Trust [pdf]


  F   November 7 In-class work

Week 12 W November 12

Designing for the Web [pdf]

  F   November 14

In-class work

Second interactive project implementation due
Week 13 W  November 19 Privacy, Ethics, Writing a Paper [pdf]
On Being A Scientist: Responsible Conduct in Research

Minding your Practices: Exposure and Anonymity in Social Network Data by Caroline Haythornthwaite

Privacy and Security from Internet Ethics, ed. Duncan Langford

Interview Questionnaires Due

  F   November 21

In-class evaluations

Week 14 W November 26

Thanksgiving Break (no class)

  F   November 28 Thanksgiving Break (no class)

Week 15 W  December 3 In-class work  

  F   December 5

In-class work 

User evaluations due

Week 16 W December 10 Final Project Presentations

Submit Project

    Final Papers are due December 17  Submit Final Report
Submit Group and Peer Evaluations