Social Computer Mediated Communication

Project 4 - Social Visualization


The goal is to create a Social Visualization  - visualization of social data for social purposes. 

By social data we mean the traces that people leave as they go about their daily routine. These data may come from different sources such as the online world (i.e. email, IM logs, blogs, etc.) and the physical world (i.e. captured through sensors such as voice by microphone, movement and location data by camera, gps, ubisense device, etc.) Visualizations of these kinds of data can be used for increasing awareness of one's social environment and for highlighting cues and patterns implicit in communication. This workshop aims to bring together practitioners, designers, and academics who are interested in visual representations of social behavior and connections.


- The idea is to create a visualization that uncovers patterns over time.
- Things to consider:
     - the zooming to see more detailed information
     - the power of motion in bringing the information to life.