Social Spaces on the Internet

Fall 2018

Bias in Social Media
Assignment 10


1.  Hannak, Soeller, Lazer, Mislove, and Wilson. Peeking Beneath the Hood of Uber. IMC 15.
Benjamin Edelman, Michael Luca, and an Svirsky.  Racial Discrimination in the Sharing Economy: Evidence from a Field Experiment. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics. Forthcoming.
3. Amit Datta, Michael Carl Tschantz, and Anupam Datta. Automated Experiments on Ad Privacy Settings. Privacy Enhancing Technologies 2015.

Write up

1.  Consider online communities that you frequent.  Choose three online communities that have the potential for bias in some form.  For each of these communities, describe how this manifests itself in the output.
     (Possible example online communities:  Amazon, Ebay, Twitter, Facebook, Airbnb, Uber, etc.)

Choose one of the above sites you describe in (1) and describe how you would set up an experiement to detect this bias?

     Note:  You do not have to implement this.  The task is to design the methodology.

Responses shoudl be submitted via compass in PDF form.

Late responses will not be accepted.

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