Social Spaces on the Internet:  social ( signals + media )

Fall 2015

Sociable Design
Assignment 10


1. Thomas Erickson and Wendy Kellogg.  Social Translucence: an approach to designing systems that support social processes. TOCHI. March 2000.
2. The video, The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces.
3. Richard Wurman, Alan Levy, and Joel Katz. The Nature of Recreation: A Handbook in Honor or Frederick Law Olmsted.  The MIT Press.1972.(see email).

Write up

1. Write a short essay about how you might modify the quad based on your observations of social use.  Include photos.
2. Choose a familiar social networking site.  Look at the main page.  Describe how you would modify it to satisfy your daily use.  Include at least 3 examples.  Include images to explain your narrative.

Responses should be submitted via compass in PDF form. 

Late responses will not be accepted.

Academic Integrity
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