Social Spaces on the Internet

Fall 2018

Anonymity Online
Assignment 11


1.  Ruogo Kang, Stephanie Brown, Sara Kiesler. Why do people seek anonymity on the internet?: informing policy and design. CHI 2013.
2.  Ari Schlesinger, Eshwar Chandrasekharan, Christina Masden, Amy Bruckman, Keith Edwards, Rebecca Grinter. Situated Anonymity: Impacts of Anonymity, Ephemerality, and Hyper-Locality on Social Media. CHI 2017.
3.  Xiao Ma, Jeff Hancock, Mor Naaman. Anonymity, Intimacy and Self-Disclosure in Social Media. CHI 2016.

Write up

1.  Consider online communities that you frequent that allow anonymity.  Choose two online communities, and for each, describe a situation with an anonymous party to a conversation.  (Include exampels fo the converation.) How did their anonymity affect the conversation?  If what they said remained the same, how would the conversation be different, if they were identifiable instead of anonymous.

Imagine Yik Yak exists on the UIUC campus today.  Describe pro-social behavior that may result from it, and describe potential negative consequences (with examples).

Responses shoudl be submitted via compass in PDF form.

Late responses will not be accepted.

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