Social Spaces on the Internet

Fall 2018

Gossip, Diffusion, and Cascades
Assignment 12


1. P. Alex Dow, Lada A. Adamic, and Adrien Friggeri.  The Anatomy of Large Facebook Cascades. ICWSM2013.
2. Robert F. Goodman and Aaron Ben-Ze'ev. Good Gossip. University Press of Kansas. 1994. (see Compass)
3. Matthew J. Salganik and Duncan J. Watts. Leading the Herd Astray: An Experimental Study of Self-Fulfilling Prophecies in an Artificial Cultural Market. Soc Psychol Q. 2008 Fall; 74(4): 338.

Write up

1. Discuss why you believe the outcome from the Salganik and Watts paper came to be. 

2. A few years ago, the matching site OkCupid manipulated rankings for some people people on their site. (The original Medium page by Christian Rudder has been removed.  It is discussed in his book Dataclysm.)  What are some ethical implications of this experiment?  How does it differ from the
Salganik and Watt's experiment from an ethics perspective?
Some infor here: