Social Spaces on the Internet:  social ( signals + media )

Fall 2017

Gossip, Diffusion, and Cascades
Assignment 13


1. P. Alex Dow, Lada A. Adamic, and Adrien Friggeri.  The Anatomy of Large Facebook Cascades. ICWSM2013.
2. Robert F. Goodman and Aaron Ben-Ze'ev. Good Gossip. University Press of Kansas. 1994. (see Compass)
3. Matthew J. Salganik and Duncan J. Watts. Leading the Herd Astray: An Experimental Study of Self-Fulfilling Prophecies in an Artificial Cultural Market. Soc Psychol Q. 2008 Fall; 74(4): 338.

Write up

1. No write-up this class.  Please start thinking about your final design and implementation projects.