Social Spaces on the Internet

Fall 2018

Social News Websites
Assignment 3


1.  Sean Munsen and Paul Resnick. Presenting Diverse Political Opinions: How and How Much. CHI 2010.
2.  Eric Gilbert. Widespread Underprovision on Reddit. CSCW2013.
3.  Monica Anderson and Andrea Caumont.  How social media is reshaping news. Pew Reserach Center. September 2014.

Write up

1.  Compare and contrast "voting" on  Reddit and Facebook.  What are the costs of posting in each of them?  What is the cost of receiving a post in each of the sites? How would you compare the authenticity of the "liking" or "upvoting"  in the two sites? 

Suggest features for Reddit that would address underprovision.

3. What are the drawbacks to presenting viewers with agreeable news?  Disagreeable news? Sketch an interface (for yourself) to manage how you would prefer to read news that includes opposing views.

Responses shoudl be submitted via compass in PDF form.

Late responses will not be accepted.

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