Social Spaces on the Internet:  social ( signals + media )

Fall 2017

Signals of Status
Assignment 4


1.  Eric Gilbert.  Phrases That Signal Workplace Hierarchy.  CSCW12.
2.  Feltovich, Nick, Rick Harbaugh, and Ted To. Too Cool for School: Signalling and Countersignaling. RAND Journal of Economics 33, no. 4. 2002.
3. Duncan J. Watts and Peter Sheridan Dodds. Influentials, Networks, and Public Opinion Formation. Journal of Consumer Research
Vol. 34, No. 4 (December 2007).

Write up

This week's write up is more free-form.
1. Discuss 2 examples of countersignalling in online social media (in detail).
2. What cues may convey status online?  What are the costs of misrepresenting them?  Choose an online space (Facebook, Klout, Ravelry, personal forums, etc.) and describe. How does status differ from influence?
3. Discuss the mechanisms for hierarchy on or similar computational reputation generating infrastructure. (It may take over a day to create an account). 

Responses should be submitted via compass in PDF form. 

Late responses will not be accepted.

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