Social Spaces on the Internet

Fall 2018

Misinformation and Consequences
Assignment 4


1.  How Misinfodemics Spread Disease. The Atlantic Monthly. 2018.
2.  Garrett and Weeks. The promise and peril of real-time corrections to political misperceptions. CSCW 2013.
3.  Kumar, West, and Leskovec. Disinformation on the Web: Impact, Characteristics, and Detection of Wikipedia Hoaxes.  WWW 2016.
4.  Kane, Kiesler, and Kang. Inaccuracy Blindness in Collaboration Persists, even with an Evaluation Prompt. CHI 2018.

Write up

1.  Imagine a political debate.  If you were tasked with desigining a fact-checking system, how would you design it to: (a) be accurate, (b) align the audience with "truthful" information, and (c) mitigate the transmission of misinformation.
2. Describe two reasons why you think people share misinformation.

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