Social Spaces on the Internet:  social ( signals + media )

  Fall 2015

Social News Websites
Assignment 6


1.  Cliff Lampe and Paul Resnick.  Slash(dot) and burn:  distributed moderation in a large online conversation space. CHI'04.
2.  Eric Gilbert. Widespread Underprovision on Reddit. CSCW2013.
3.  (Skim) Miller McPherson, Lynn Smith-Lovin, James M. Cook. Birds of a Feather:  Homophily in Social Networks.  Annual Review of Sociology, Vol. 27 (2001), pp. 415-444.

Write up

1.  Compare and contrast the voting systems of Slashdot and Reddit.  What are the costs of posting each of them?  How would you compare the authenticity of the ratings in the two sites?  Suggest features for Reddit that would address underprovision.

2.  How might homophily play a role in the underprovision on Reddit and promotion of comments on Slashdot?

Responses shoudl be submitted via compass in PDF form.

Late responses will not be accepted.

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