Social Spaces on the Internet

Fall 2018

Trolling and Harassment Online
Assignment 8


1.  Kaitlin Mahar, Amy Zhang, and David Karger. Squadbox: A Tool to Combat Email Harassment Using Friendsourced Moderation. CHI 2018.
2. Nathan Matias and Merry Mou. CivilServant: Community-Led Experiments in Platform Governance. CHI 2018.
3.  Shagun Jhaver, Sucheta Ghoshal, Amy Bruckman, and Eric Gilbert. Online Harassment and Content Moderation: The Case of Blocklists. CSCW 2018.


Write up

1.  Think about two online communitites you frequent.  For each community, describe: Do they have a "code of conduct"?  If so, describe how this code is presented. Describe other practices (you think) they have in place to mitigate "unwanted" behavior (e.g., harassment, trolling, etc.) If you were tasked with removing unwanted behavior from this site, how might you proceed?

2.  Imagine you were offered the opportunity to create a study for the Civil Servant platform on Reddit.  Describe the community you would study.  Describe your research question(s). How would you set up the study?  What would be the best case outcome?

Responses should be submitted via compass in PDF form. 

Late responses will not be accepted.

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