HICSS 2009: Blogs Are Echo Chambers

> 3:1 agreement

Tony, a co-author of this work, dreamt up the very clever title (see full citation at end of post). I particularly love the use of the highly academic colon. I will present it at the Social Spaces minitrack, part of the Digital Media track (all very hierarchical). Soon I will release the data, code and algorithm specifics from this paper. I included urls in the text of the paper, so I really need to post it soon. I was very happy to see this work come together, and I very much look forward to seeing some of the other work at the minitrack. Plus, Hawaii in January (+ baby depending on how fussy she seems near ticket-buying time) will be awfully nice. I need to start shopping for parasols and shark repellent.

pdf Blogs Are Echo Chambers: Blogs Are Echo Chambers.
Proc. HICSS, 2009.

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