Google Fellowship

I am very, very, very happy to tell you that last week Google gave me a fellowship, their Fellowship in Social Computing. They will fund me for the next two years, the rest of my PhD. It also comes with a bunch of goodies, including a new phone, which I need desperately. (I try not to show my phone at conferences.)

I pitched three new projects in my proposal to them, projects I hope to get out soon. Google only accepted nominations from universities. I was quite skeptical that our traditional CS department would nominate me, but they pleasantly surprised me. Thank you, Google!

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  1. adam perer

    congrats! thats awesome.

  2. dan teefey

    hi eric. i spoke with leslie at the wedding last weekend. we missed you, but congratulations on the new fellowship. i plan to put your face all over my igoogle page now … or possibly just turn your name into a verb for searching on the internet. “i eric gilberted that”

  3. Lixia

    hey, just googled your website. I am also one reciepient of the Fellowship. Looking forward to attending the forum (when it that?) and meeting everyone..

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