CSCW 2010: Understanding Deja Reviewers

I’m happy to announce a new paper, a departure from my thesis work. It’s going to appear at CSCW 2010, and it looks at people who write product reviews that really look like other reviews. I call them deja reviewers. I’m also happy to report that the note got the best of CSCW award. Very cool!

ABSTRACT: People who review products on the web invest considerable time and energy in what they write. So why would someone write a review that restates earlier reviews? Our work looks to answer this question. In this paper, we present a mixed-method study of deja reviewers, latecomers who echo what other people said. We analyze nearly 100,000 reviews for signs of repetition and find that roughly 10–15% of reviews substantially resemble previous ones. Using these algorithmically-identified reviews as centerpieces for discussion, we interviewed reviewers to understand their motives. An overwhelming number of reviews partially explains deja reviews, but deeper factors revolving around an individual’s status in the community are also at work. The paper concludes by introducing a new idea inspired by our findings: a self-aware community that nudges members toward community-wide goals. (espresso machine courtesy of jakeliefer.)

pdf Understanding Deja Reviewers.
Proc. CSCW, 2010.

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  1. Joe McCarthy

    I really like this paper. Are you willing to post the slides you used for your presentation at the conference? If so, I’d like to recommend SlideShare, and suggest that you include “cscw2010” among the tags. Thanks!

  2. Eric

    Thanks, Joe! I made a new Talks page (linked at the top) and also posted to slideshare. Cheers, Eric.

  3. Joe McCarthy

    I included a link to this post in a comment on a great post on Adina Levin’s BookBlog about Learnings about web ratings systems.

    Just to make it easier for anyone else who visits this page to find the associated slide deck on SlideShare, here’s a direct link to the Understanding Deja Reviewers presentation.

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