Georgia Tech!!

I’m joining the faculty at Georgia Tech!! In the fall, I’ll be an Assistant Professor of Interactive Computing, in the College of Computing. I’m deliriously excited to join their faculty. It’s like getting picked to open for the Stones, in 1967.

I may help out with a class in the fall, then I’ll start teaching properly in the spring. Until then, I’m madly dissertating, distracting myself with Link Different, attending ICWSM, perhaps ASA (say hi!) and looking for somewhere to live in Atlanta.

p.s. I know most academics don’t like (or don’t admit to liking) sports. But I love college basketball. *gasp* I come from a school with a big I for a mascot; the yellow jacket is a big improvement. And now I get to heckle Duke anytime I want.

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  1. Forrest Iandola

    Congratulations! Going straight from PhD to prof is awesome! :-)

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