We Meddle Lists

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Making lists is tedious. So it is on Twitter. We make lists to share with the world, but no one will make personal lists for us. You have to make the close friends list, the family list, the tech list, the coworker list. Phew.

That’s the problem We Meddle Lists wants to solve. It uses the history you’ve naturally built up in Twitter and turns it into some nifty (private) lists. Below is one of the lists We Meddle created for me. I track Inner Circle in Seesmic’s Twitter app. This list is especially useful when I’ve been away awhile and need to catch up. We Meddle also does some cool community detection. Try it here!

my inner circle

HICSS 2009: Blogs Are Echo Chambers">HICSS 2009: Blogs Are Echo Chambers

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

> 3:1 agreement

Tony, a co-author of this work, dreamt up the very clever title (see full citation at end of post). I particularly love the use of the highly academic colon. I will present it at the Social Spaces minitrack, part of the Digital Media track (all very hierarchical). Soon I will release the data, code and algorithm specifics from this paper. I included urls in the text of the paper, so I really need to post it soon. I was very happy to see this work come together, and I very much look forward to seeing some of the other work at the minitrack. Plus, Hawaii in January (+ baby depending on how fussy she seems near ticket-buying time) will be awfully nice. I need to start shopping for parasols and shark repellent.

pdf Blogs Are Echo Chambers: Blogs Are Echo Chambers.
Proc. HICSS, 2009.