The Kid Henry
No older than 4 or 5, and visiting the c4f3 with his family, Henry was a spunky kid who engaged with the project in a way adults did not.
Henry was initially attracted to a camera because it was a familiar object he was able to identify. He began using Ginger by moving the camera (semi-mobile) and watching the bubbles. After the remote user explained the setup to Him, he began to address the avatar.
When prompted by the remote user to introduce his family or describe the cafe, he handled the camera like a news cameraman directing the remote user’s attention to specific people and points within the cafe.
Claire the Dancing Woman
Claire is a woman in her 40s who was fully engaged with the form. She initially sat at the table, always maintaining “eye-contact” with Ginger.
Claire was asked by the remote user to discuss installations in the c4f3 she had tried prior to Chit Chat Club. While responding to the question she began to sway in the chair as she as she described a project featuring rocking chairs. Claire’s sway gradually turned into a playful dance.
Remote User: “Are you in a rocking chair right now?”
Claire: “Me, no. I’m just dancing sitting down.
Although Claire was aware of the camera, she never spoke to it or danced for it, she was engaged with the person communicating with her through the avatar.
Brian the Artist
Brian was a gentleman in mid 30s to 40s who casually joined a conversation already taking place between a remote and local user.  
Brian introduced himself  as a person who is interested in the arts, likes to make art, but he is not a “professional artist”.  As the conversation developed he revealed he has a site online featuring his work.
The two original guest began to ask Brian to talk about his work and previous topics were abandoned .
As Brian described his work to both users,  the remote user  visited Brian’s site, found the mentioned  pieces, and dropped them into the Ginger visualization.
While images of Brian’s work became incorporated into the projection, he began to describe the pieces in detail while his gaze was directed to the person talking.
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