Culture as Data  
social spaces on the internet

CAS 587  (also listed as CS 598KGK / LIS 590SSI / MDIA 590CD)

Tuesdays 2:00 PM - 4:50 PM

Room 1, CAS, 912 W Illinois St.

Instructors: Karrie Karahalios ( and Christian Sandvig (

This is a special one-time course offered through the Center of Advanced Studies (CAS).


The Internet is home to a panoply of human interactions. Social media, interactive games, telepresence, online environments, and simple text e-mails now mediate our normal experiences of education, medicine, politics, business, sociality, collective action, and more. As the Internet has become an infrastructure for social life and society itself, our ability to measure and represent that society is also transforming.  In this cross-disciplinary campus-wide seminar we will investigate the rise of "culture as data:" that is, the use of widespread networked computation to quantify, analyze, explain, and navigate our relationships to social institutions and each other. Students from all disciplines and colleges are welcome.  There are no pre-requisites.  Special guest lectures and events sponsored by the Center for Advanced Study campus-wide initiative "Culture as Data" will enhance our work.