cs591kgk: social computing seminar

This seminar serves as a reading group dealing with topics germane to research in Social Computation. The seminar is designed to be casual and informal, and is intended as a forum for the discussion of social computation issues.

We meet every Wednesday between 4:00 and 5:00pm at Murphey's.

Fall 2009 Schedule:
09.23.2009 Multi-University Research Teams: Shifting impact, Geography, and Stratification in Science
by Benjamin F. Jones, Stefan Wuchty, Brian Uzzi. Science.
09.30.2009 Using Deceit in HCI: Crimes for or Against the User?
Eytan Adar, Desney S. Tan, Jaime Teevan. alt.chi 2008
10.07.2009 On Universality in Human Correspondence Activity
R. Dean Malmgren, etc al. Science
10.14.2009 Institutions and the Environment
Elinor Ostrom. Economic Affairs
10.21.2009 SIDES: A Cooperative Tabletop Computer Game for Social Skills Development
Anne Marie Piper, et al. - CSCW 2006
10.28.2009 Research Uproar at a Cancer Clinic
Duff Wilson - NYTimes
11.04.2009 Tweet the Debates: Understanding Community Annotation of Uncollected Sources
Shamma, Kennedy, Curchill - ACM Multimedia 2009
11.11.2009 HugMe: Synchronous Haptic Teleconferencing
Cha, et al. Ottawa.
11.18.2009 Street Fighter IV: Braggadocio Off and On-Line.
Norman Makoto Su. CSCW 2010.
11.25.2009 Thanksgiving break
12.02.2009 Survival Needs and Social Inclusion: Technology use Among the Homeless
Roberson and Nardi - CSCW 2010

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