Social Spaces

Professor Karrie G. Karahalios
Siebel Center 1131
11:00 - 12:15 WF


Most spaces we inhabit are predominantly static. Objects within them may be movable, however, most often, they do not much alter the space. This class focuses on the study of the relationships between people, the Social Spaces they inhabit, and the objects they manipulate.

In Social Spaces, we emphasize "communication" between the three groups:
Spaces: reactive spaces, dynamic spaces, physical-virtual hybrid spaces.
Objects: communication objects

Readings are assigned every week. These readings will be critiqued prior to attending class and submitted online. The papers and critiques will be discussed in class. Class Participation is mandatory. Small design project will be assigned throughout the class as well as an implemented midterm and a final project.

Example projects include:

  • Building interactive communication surfaces and furniture
  • Building interactive communication objects
  • Re implementing the mobile phone in a different form
  • Visualization tools to extract social cues from communication channels embedded in space.


25% class participation
25% paper critiques
25% midterm project
25% final project