Photo Khipu


Kora Bongen
Karrie Karahalios

Photo Khipu is a digital photo album that organizes and displays photos in a form based on an ancient accounting device, the Incan khipu. The khipu metaphor provides an overview of the photos in a collection and a historical record of individual albums. This interface is meant to be an evocative and functional interactive display in the home for visitors and occupants alike.

Motivation:Photo Khipu

Traditional photo albums are important not only for storing and organizing photographs but also for their ability to display photos in an aesthetically pleasing
manner. A beautiful photo album augments the browsing experience for individual recollection or sharing with others. Photo Khipu is an exploration of visually interesting represtations of photo collection patterns.

In the visualization, photos are organized in a strand by album, and albums are placed along the central ring by time. Each photo is represented by a dot whose color is determined by a prominent color in the photo mapped to our Khipu color map for consistency. Each dot has a halo. The size of the halo is determined by the number of people found in the photo by OpenCV's face detection algorithm. This allows the visualization to show social magnitude as well as context for each photo.

Photo Khipu on touch screen


Kora Bongen and Karrie Karahalios. Photo Khipu: organizing a public record of social transaction CHI 2009. PDF


Demo of revised version of Khipu using Flickr Photos. Khipu-Flickr Demo