VocSyl: Real-Time Multisyllabic Speech Visualization

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Joshua Hailpern

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The ability of children to combine syllables represents an important developmental milestone. This ability is often delayed or impaired in a variety of clinical groups including children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and speech delays (SPD). Prior work has demonstrated successful use of computer-based voice visualizations to facilitate speech production and vocalization in children with and without ASD/SPD. While prior work has focused on increasing frequency of speech-like vocalizations or accuracy of speech sound production, we believe that there is a potential new direction of research; exploration of real-time visualizations to shape multisyllabic speech. We developed VocSyl, a real-time voice visualization system with extensible architecture. Rather than building visualizations based on what "engineers" may think is needed, we designed VocSyl using the Task Centered User Interface Design (TCUID) methodology from the beginning to the end of the design process. Children with ASD and SPD, targeted users of the software, were directly involved in the development process, thus allowing us to focus on what these children demonstrate they require.


We would like to thank Autism Speaks for their support of this project.